Boosocki x The Draculas / Stuff It 2020
Del Mar Round 3 / Super Hooligans Roland Sands Design
The Mint Vegas Round 2 / Super Hooligans Roland Sands Design
One Show Portland Round 1 / Super Hooligans Roland Sands Design
Deep Sea Critters/ Deep Sea Tattoo
Super Hooligans
Mt Diablo
Fireside Jamboree 
Bug Jam
DOLF/ Ramp of Death (Color of Hell)
DOLF/ Ramp of Death (blacklight version)
Here We Go!
Space Cranes
Lil Mama // Hebru Collab
Fly Boy Crashed Rocket // Hebru Collab

Traveling Trio- Ghost Edition, 2018


The Torch, 2018


Surf's Down, 2018


Skull Island, 2018


Party Time, 2018


Northern Oracle, 2018


Narwhal-less, 2018


Moto Wolf, 2018


Greg's Rib Sticker, 2018


Goregasm, 2018


Dog Lord, 2018


Crystal Balls, 2018


 Ancient Evil, 2018


Bathouse, 2018


 Cannibal Girl, 2018