USS Draculas, 2019 2nd & PCH 



Sap 25, 2019 San Jose CA



Walt's Summoning The Flying Bull (El Toro), 2019 El Toro Air Base, Irvine CA



Death of Lisa Frank (The Ramp of Death), 2019 The Brand Amp, Costa Mesa, CA



Meanwhile, 2018 Gorillaz Demon Dayz festival, Pico Rivera, CA



Goons in Space, 2018 Long Beach Blvd and 4th street



Monster Series Murals, 2018 Bixby Knolls Long beach 



Soaring to Success, 2018 Colin Powell Academy



Northern Oracle, 2017 V Room POW! WOW! Long Beach



Get Busy Dyin’, 2017 Container Yard OG Moto Show



Off Shore Sea Quarrel, 2017 ETA Agency



Greg’s Knife, 2017 Agenda Trade Show 



Dracula's Office, 2017 Agenda Trade Show 



Gnar Wall, 2017 POW! WOW! Hawaii



 The Honeymoon, 2016 POW! WOW! Long Beach 



Bird of Paradise, 2016 Long Beach City Hall



Taco Time and Greeting from Los Angeles, 2016  Mediation Apartments



Event in Progress, 2015 POW! WOW! Long Beach



Wolfman Kickflip, 2015 720 Pine


Carlton Fish, 2015 C.O.D Los Angeles 



Mr Golden Shiny Claw, 2015 EMC Oxnard